Efficient Claim System Abstract

Efficient Claim System Java Project Abstract


The purpose is to design and develop a device to process the settlement of the claim immediately and fairly. The device is designed to allow candidates to perform their activities more efficiently.

Current System:

Existing structures are maintained manually and the information is saved in conventional approaches. This makes information management complicated. regularly leads to mismanagement of statistics and loss of statistics. Trying to find the information it takes a long time. The machine can not coordinate the sports of the applicants and declare the service representative.

Proposed System:

The proposed system keeps all the facts in a centralized database. You can access the statistics by all the people who may be claimants or other representatives on the device. The system allows someone to behave in a successful and efficient manner.


1. Claimant

2. CSR (claimant service representative)

3. FNOL supervisor

4. Inspection/survey

1. applicant module:

The applicant is the real person and wants to register first and request CSR claims. then the CSR will execute all processes and ultimately update the applicant’s status.

2. CSR

The CSR sits within the name center and responds to calls from policyholders, resellers, and retailers.

it obtains information about the loss and records the FNOL (first notice of loss) within the system. You can change the status of FNOL.FNOL may have the data needed to record the loss and may be specific to lob (line of business).

3. admin FNOL :

The FNOL administrator has the potential to see, regulate, eliminate and verify FNOL. he can assign the FNOL to the inspection/survey group to analyze the accident to declare or declare theft beyond rationalization.

4.inspection / research:

The person conducting the inspection/research will visit the platform as mentioned in FNOL and will obtain all information and confirm whether the claim is legitimate or not. if not, then the FNOL could be rejected.

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