E-Gas Sewa Java Project Abstract

E-Gas Sewa Java Project Abstract & Synopsis

This offers intensive fuel organization services for Indian companies that greatly benefit their customers in the considerable regions of the offerings of companies that offer them, making the LPG gas connection route and different offers simple.

Current System:

In the existing E-Gas system, the entire procedure is submitted manually. who is consumed has to visit the workplace to make any request. takes a long time It is not always relaxing for all customers. Customers can not know the services provided in the location. It is very difficult to manipulate customers.

Proposed System:

In our E-Gas system, we offer an interface for users to offer better deals. Customers can view all offers provided in all locations. It is easy to place a gas reservation request or a new connection through our device. it is relatively appropriate to provide services to customers. the client cleans to talk to the sellers about asking for connections, accessories, moving offers from one neighborhood to another neighborhood.
This provides intensity offerings to the employer of the Indian gasoline employer that incredibly rewards their customers in large areas of employer services by transmitting them, making the route to LPG connection and other services clean.


1. Administrator
2. Provider
3. Consumer


the administrator can control the locations, distributors, and the number of connections to the vendors.

The administrator can perform the following operations:

• accepts reseller programs
• provides new places
• assign connections to distributors
• online utility form for the reseller, etc.


The provider manages clients to a specific location.

Distributors can perform the following operations:

• accepts consumer applications, accessories
• Acquire customer orders.
• Online reservation facility for LPG fuel
• supply of accessories
• transfer the GLP connection to another location.


Customers are the users, who get services from our system. they place requests such as fuel reserve, cancellation or change of place of connection of the supplier and many others for the concessionaires.

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